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Expert Advice and Professional Technical Assistance.

Shendur Services in Mumbai are offering technical support services for Google Apps for Work (i.e Gmail, Drive, Hangouts, and Calendar), email services, hosting services, DNS service, website & app development.

Our trained Technical Support team will provide you with the expert advice on best practices, assistance with technical issues. We are committed to making sure your services should run smoothly and understand that swift, easy, constructive answers to your technical inquiries are paramount to the success of your day-to-day operations.

We offer the widest, most up-to-date selection of technical support tools to meet your urgency, backed by the capable, most inventive support team. If you have a technical question or deadlock issue, you're in good hands. Our Fanatical Technical Support will help you in each and every issue you are facing.

Shendur Services Expert Technical Support

Local support for your local business.

Unlike other web service providers, we don't outsource our technical support to any remote call center in some far off land where, if the guy on the other end phone doesn't have the answer in his script, you're doomed.

We pride ourselves on being a 100% Indian owned and operated company staffed by a friendly, dedicated team, each of whom are experts in their chosen fields.

So if you're calling with a technical query or a snag with your social media, you know you'll be speaking with an Shendur's expert who shares your culture and your time zone.

Whatever the issue, we're here to help.

We know that technical issues can occasionally be frustrating things to deal with.

We always try to make all our solutions and the services as simple, efficient and easy to use as possible, we're not fullproof and things do sometimes go awry.

Any issue, no matter how complicated or big, we're here to help..

Minimizing damage to your business.

If you are running an entirely online business or your website plays a part in your overall operation, we understand that when things go wrong, it could have serious consequences for your ability to do business.

No business head wants to encounter a problem which will cost them web traffic or online sales.

That's why we assure our expert support team is always available to solve any problems quickly and efficiently, keeping interruption to your day­to­day business to an absolute minimum, if not eliminating them entirely.

Professional, technical support by e-mail and phone is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week . You can find the technical support.

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