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Shendur Services is an expert web service provider located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

We have extensive experience in Web Services / Digital Marketing. We offer Domain Registration, Corporate Email Solution, Google Apps, Digital Marketing and Web Hosting in Mumbai(MMR). Our "One-Window Shop" model will satisfy nearly every need of the Client for internet present, Web and emerging technologies segment.

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An integral part of your business

That you can rely on, trust with confidential stuff, discuss business challenges with us.

Shendur Services believe our core values of sincerity, clients' comfort, modernism and intelligence, differentiate us from our competitors. We are focused on developing and maintaining a measurable client satisfaction service which will create a company culture where each of our team member delivers world class service every day.

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Easy To Use WEB Solutions

Shendur's team of professionals ensure that the solutions we deliver to our clients are as easy as possible. Usability is always the primary focus of all our products and custom solutions.

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A technology servics partner for

Anything you need to automatize, simplify, reduce overhead costs, reduce manpower costs, make more efficient, monitor, Set up business systems, get efficient, look professional, communicate quickly & effortlessly, increase sales revenue, Experience in customer delight and much more. We always go above and beyond our boundaries to make sure that your investment yields a considerable return.

We want your business to be succeed!

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About Us

For our Clients, We are the most obvious choice as we are providing an ample Range of IT services with Client favorable and effective support and helping the clients for successful implementation of our services. Our team analyzes the adversity that the Client is facing with the current System. We then developed the System, which Client and his Team can use for a long time to get the help in their business.

At Shendur, we concentrate on the demand of our clients and provide customize solutions towards those needs which are Not easily catered by other pre-developed Solutions available in Market. Before developing any solution, we do an In a detail analysis of the requisite and guide our team to successful implementation of the Solution. With our diversified Services, we take most of the Clients IT Services in our hand so that Client gets a One Point Solution and he can focus on his business. Shendur Services has a wide range of experience in managing of difficult Business soltions and Provide a feasible Solution, which can be set up in the Client's Business scenario. The automation provided By us is used by clients for years and those systems are rugged and utilized to the maximum capacity, making us satisfied And proud of providing such solutions.

Why Us

Shendur Serevices

Passionate about customer success, we make certain your project delivers the expected return

Shendur Serevices

Our expert deployment, change management and development teams are certified to follow the best practice

Shendur Serevices

Our Customer Success Services approved by Google, provide long-term support for your IT team and users

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